Augusta Deparment of Public Safety

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Animal Control

Animal Control Division

The Augusta Department of Public Safety (ADPS) Animal Control Division is responsible for the primary enforcement of City of Augusta Ordinances relating to animals. The Animal Control Officer spends his shifts patrolling the city, picking up animals at large, and investigating violations of these Ordinances.

The Animal Control Officer also is charged with tracking and loaning out the animal traps owned by the City of Augusta. If you need to speak with Animal Control for any reason, call the Department of Public Safety at (316) 775-4500 extension 317.


The Augusta Department of Public Safety is a full-service organization offering police, fire, rescue and 9-1-1 services for the City of Augusta, Kansas and Butler County Fire District Number 2.

Our facility is located at 2100 North Ohio Street, Augusta, Kansas and you can reach us by phone (non-emergency) at 316-775-4500.

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